Microblading Coming In September!

Who doesn't have an eyebrow crush on Cara Delevingne? 

I’ve been custom-blending brow and lash tints for years. I’ve tried everything to achieve long-lasting brow perfection – from brow pencils and powders, to pomades, tinting, and researched old fashioned brow tattooing. None of them met my standards for quality.

Finally, I discovered eyebrow microblading. It’s simple, safe, and it delivers premium quality results that last. Performed only by certified professionals, microblading requires numbing cream, a shallow blade, and ink. The process involves small strokes to match your perfect eyebrow shape. Even under a magnifying light, they look like real hairs.

This treatment works for any clients that have experienced chemotherapy, alopecia, thyroid problems, or simply have thin, sparse, or light colored brows.

This September, I’ll officially premier Eyebrow Microblading at my studio. Please check back often as my Microblading portfolio continues to grow.